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COVID-19: Nasal High Flow Therapy in COVID-19 Respiratory Illness (On-Demand CRCE)

Course Format: Online Video
Course Credit Type: CE AARC
Course Credit: 1.00
Rewards Points Earned: 25
Course Category: **Self-Study/On-Demand, *Allied Health Professional, *Free Respiratory Courses , *Respiratory, *Partners SolutionsX2
Course Producer: Solutions X2
Course Cost: Free | Included in All-Access Pass
Mobile Friendly: Yes
Course Release Date: July 04, 2020
Course Expiration Date: July 04, 2021
Program Summary:

The objectives for this webinar are to:

  1. Discuss the physiology of nasal high flow therapy
  2. Explore the pathophysiology of COVID–19 respiratory illness
  3. Review clinical experience and patient cohorts: Trauma, COPD and Respiratory Failure
  4. Apply principles of nasal high flow therapy to patient care during the COVID-19 illness
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